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Welcome to the "Lyons Den"!!!

Updated: Apr 1, 2022

When was the last time you've read a book?

I don't mean that gigantic textbook on your desk or any other book assigned to you at school or university, I mean an honest-to-goodness novel that YOU chose to read. (Because let's be honest, required reading is NEVER ideal),

What was it? Was it brand-new, fresh off the press? Or was it a bit older, tucked somewhere between the walls of an ancient library?

Maybe you were seated by a warm fire, sipping a steaming cup of hot cocoa as the sun rolled down the horizon. Or perhaps you lay propped on your mattress well past your bedtime, fingering through one of the works of Tolkien or Brandon Sanderson, refusing to sleep until you finally finished one more chapter (Which always turns into two or three). Maybe you've flipped through an E-book on your phone or listened to an audiobook on a road trip. Regardless of its format, you have participated wonderful journey that is storytelling.

Storytelling, regardless of its form, is something innately human. Stories drive our lives, fill us with hope, despair; and if we aren't careful, they can change our very nature.

The question is, why do we love stories? And better yet, how can we create a story worth telling?

These are the questions that I aim to answer (or at the very least, provide some meaningful food-for-thought for.)

I'm getting ahead of myself.

My name is Easton Lyons, and I am a storyteller.

At a young age, I was exposed to the art of storytelling. I listened to campfire stories in the dark, watched countless films and plays covering every genre imaginable, and poured through dozens upon dozens of books within the local library. Over time I discovered that I had my own stories to tell, and began the wonderful process of becoming a storyteller, culminating in the writing and publishing of my first book, "The Last Wind-Walker". As I continue to create new stories, I find myself inspired by other genres, authors, and works of fiction.

This blog, "The Lyons Den", Is a place for me to dig deeper into storytelling and other related subjects. Occasionally I may throw in a short story or post relevant information regarding events, book signings, and guest interviews. I may not be an expert (who really is?) but I do hope to provide an entertaining and occasionally enlightening perspective on the craft of storytelling.

Your new friend,

Easton Lyons


Be sure to check out my debut novel,

"The Last Wind-Walker",

available now!

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