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About the Author

-The Storyteller-

Easton Hunter Lyons was born in the Salt Lake Valley of Utah. In his youth, Easton was surrounded by books, games, and movies that developed his love of storytelling. He fell in love with the works of Tolkien and Lovecraft, and was frequently lost in the lands of Hyrule and the Outer Rim. It was not until age 12 that he began to create a true story of his own.

Alongside his childhood friends, Easton adventured into the wilderness with his scout troop. Through these campouts, Easton was first exposed to stories told around the campfire. Tales of wisdom, horror, and humor-filled his head, planting a seed that only continued to grow with time. Surrounded by the forests and deserts of Utah, Easton developed skill in storytelling through the spoken word. He would tell stories around the roaring flames for hours, finally having the skills to convey his dreams.

It was during one fateful summer that Easton began to write his debut novel, “The Last Wind-Walker.” Working as a member of the Bear Lake Aquatics Base in Northern Utah, Easton was inspired by the scenic landscapes that surrounded him. While continuing to share stories around the campfire, Easton began to develop his own story, writing for hours upon the shoreline. Years later, his dream of becoming a published author finally came true.

He published his first book on November 23, 2021, and continues to write to this day, building his next big adventure.

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