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Wild Forest

The wilderness is calling to you,



In the town of Joy, there are only two outcomes:

Stay and live

Leave and die

Yet to remain in the mountains is only prolonging the inevitable. Masked fanatics stalk the streets in the dead of night, while soulless leaders with broken hearts corrupt the day. Any escape is futile, being cut off from the outside world by miles of untamed forest. Those who try either disappear or find themselves prey to an ancient evil, leaving their mutilated corpses to rot in the wilderness.

Yet after years of solitude, someone breaks through.

After surviving a terrible accident, Ephraim Kenway and his friends find themselves within Joy, sparking a change that disturbs the balance of power. With nowhere left to turn, Ephraim and his friends join a daring mission to restore power to Joy, forcing them to journey across the wilderness into the shadows beyond. Isolated in the dark, Ephraim will either succumb to the darkness or commit the maddest act of all: Survive.

However, Ephraim’s survival might spell doom for others as he battles a curse from within. One that’s left a Voice in control. And Ephraim begins to know only one thing:


"This was an amazing book. The pacing of the story was incredible, the narration and writing style complimented well while the storyline alone was a ground-breaking element that kept me engaged through and through. The atmospheric ambiance was so eerie and it definitely set the vibe for an appealing read."

                        -Simran kaur Datta                          (@simranreadsitall)

"This incredible combo of thriller, mystery, and fiction is a perfect fit for all readers."

                               -Grace Jackon                                 (@reads.grace)

"One of the best books I have read in a long time"

                            -Amazon Reviewer

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